Radical Retreats and Personal SoulBrandingSM

Enterprises can only change when the individuals running them change. And so, we've translated the essentials of SoulBrandingSM  into offerings for individuals, too. It's in our DNA to fill gaps in management practice with innovative services for unmet, high-potential needs, so you'll see an emphasis on cut-to-the-chase personal discovery and leadership tools for women in the mix of Threshold weekend offerings.

Historical models of management have proven stale and inadequate to today's opportunities. Leaders today must invent-as-they-go. Flexibility, spontaneous creativity, collaborative innovation are some of the new personal characteristics required to guide their organizations across the threshold into The New. The Humanity, Inc Threshold weekend is a deep dive past familiar limits into your spontaneous, intuitive knowing, a cutting edge exploration of your own personal threshold of reinvention. Each concludes with a Personal SoulBrandingSM blueprint for action in your life and career. And they are fun!




Threshold V: Love is the New Leadership App, or Reclaiming "Aphrodite CEO," Temple of Aphrodite, CYPRUS

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Boldly go where few 21st Century business people have gone before.

This is a radical, three-day retreat where a small group of peers jump the threshold of conventional knowledge into the right brain, often into genius insights. Seasoned executives and entrepreneurs discover for themselves:

  1. novel methods of accessing creativity and internal wisdom, and 
  2. how to apply breakthrough insights on Monday morning and beyond through a system of Personal SoulBrandingSM.

The site of each Threshold Weekend informs the curriculum. Sites are selected for their association with radical modes of self-revelation and timeless wisdom. For example, incubating breakthrough insights through Asclepian dream incubation in the central mountains of Greece; building the muscle of spontaneous, collaborative invention through time-honored improvisation and mind/body/spirit exercises; developing an ear for the coherent voice of wisdom through shamanic journey in the desert of the Southwestern US. Emphasis is on stimulating the right brain and interpreting intuitive knowing. Registration is limited to 13 screened participants. Some weekends are co-ed, most acknowledge the unique ways men and women apprehend and move in the world. We also offer bespoke Threshold experiences for working teams.


The Humanity, Inc Threshold Weekends started with two women sharing a taxi in Athens on the way to deliver their keynote speeches. Renee Moorefield, of WisdomWorks, and Elsie Maio noticed how great it was to be in the company of a peer exploring the life thresholds they were on (the traffic was slow-moving). The first Threshold was born in 2007 for women executives and entrepreneurs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Word spread, and now they are a regular, much anticipated feature of our annual offerings.

The "female power that sustains the Earth and all Her inhabitants, and that is so essential for the survival of the planet, resides within each one of us, man and woman alike."  -- Carol Schaefer, Grandmothers Counsel the World, 2006, p133

If the emerging world system is to enhance -- not just sustain -- life, it must complement our competitive inclinations with the impulse to collaborate for a cherished goal that sits deep inside each of us. Tailored to the Western male psyche, these small group retreats provide the context for men to unearth practical solutions for adapting to day to day challenges.  Access hidden tools for thriving through right brain exploration.

+ How can I find out if this is right for me now?

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