For the past decade of our 20 year old business, Humanity, Inc teams have helped scores of clients move toward a model of
 integrated social well-being and high performance. Our continuous research has distilled the deep impulse in society for change -- for social well being -- and integrates it into all of a company's day to day decisions. We call the model Humanity, Inc: Capitalism in Service of Life.

As such, we passionately serve two types of progressive clients:

  • High performers seeking to humanize their business, and
  • Social mission organizations seeking to boost performance.


What Clients Say

Our SoulBrandingSM methology, Triage for the Times Workshops, Threshold Weekends and topical seminars have guided leaders to:  

  • Enter new markets, with immediate performance boosts 
    "It's amazing.  Our conversations alone brought in the new type of work and profitability we've been wanting for the firm for quite a while."  -- CEO, New Media Company
  • Go global, monetizing intellectual property 
    "At a crucial moment, when we were conceiving SustainAbility's transition from UK based think tank to global consultancy, Elsie and her team led us through a creative - yet focused - process that evoked the team's creative insights. She helped draw out our best thinking, both on who we were as individuals and could be as a firm.  The staff were exhilarated, their own creative discovery toolkits expanded and our company vision better focused... We loved working with Elsie Maio and SoulBranding." -- John Elkington, founder SustainAbility  
  • Innovate with previously hidden assets
    "We see alot of consultants, all the time.  You are the only one who always tells us something  important that we didn't know."    -- CEO, Europe's Sustainable Bank
  •  Surpass a stale, legacy business model
    "Thank you for showing us all that we can be."  
    -- President, World's Largest Technical Professional Association
  •  Boost marketing ROI, while stiffening ethics
    "We've done everything you spelled out three years ago. And now we're on top, without sacrificing our values!"  -- CMO, Europe's Sustainable Bank
  •  Inspire and stimulate groups to self-discovery
    "Thank you once again for all your insights...Your discerning and provocative comments elevated  the level of discussion tremendously...Bottom line: Everybody loved you, and I know why: You  speak from the heart." -- Conference Leader,  Author, Architectural Branding Expert
  • Repurpose expertise as new, social-impact businesses
    "As an entertainment industry professional, I liken Elsie Maio to the world-renowned story writing guru, Robert McKee…[who] honors the highest qualities and values that make a story the best.   Elsie does just  that with business. Her BLITZ! business strategy workshop has given us the  clarity and plan to become a leader in our new category. "  -  Emmy Award Winning Director and CEO, Social Impact Media Company 
  •  Integrate their own sense of humanity into strategy decision tools
    "I have no words to express my gratitude and admiration.  You have become our model. On countless occasions, within and outside our organization, I talk about your strategic advice and the  influence you have on our organization and on all of us on a personal level." -- EVP, Ibero-American Tech Transfer Organization
  • Reinvent measures of personal success
    "One year after the Women's Threshold Weekend, I can say for sure that it changed my life. I can no longer act outside my intuition without a loud bell going off in my head.  I've stopped sacrificing myself. And I know what 'right action' looks like in my business." --EVP Strategy
  • Leverage intuitive genius with scalable plans
    I just left a seminar with Elsie Maio and discovered that I'm a SoulBrandSM!" -- Jack Canfield, Keynote Address, Business and Consciousness Conference, Puerto Vallarta, MX

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Humanity, Inc ideal Enterprise clients are premier, human-centric organizations that aspire to higher performance. Typically, the challenges they face are complex, and they  take a systems approach to business strategy, culture and corporate branding.   These are some of the Enterprise clients served in virtually all sectors and industries, and the range of their results:

A nation-state coheres its 3rd Sector and business community to focus on improving the country's top five social issues. Fact-based strategy started with the first ever nationwide benchmark of volunteer capacity. Built a working plan with Board and stakeholders via fact-based analysis, hands-on, inclusive workshops among 3rd Sector, corporate and community leadership. Management system and metrics continue to guide success through tangible milestones shared across constituencies. 

An SME on fire expands values-driven leadership capacity to support accelerated growth 

  • self-audits employee values
  • benchmarks its 'walk' vs 'talk'
  • builds KPIs around values-in-action to close the gaps

The original regional microfinancier discovers how to scale up to global impact with a values-driven culture and market innovation

EU based transportation and environmental services leader translates its values, culture into meaningful behavioral drivers in the US market

The original, niche sustainable bank expands into global leadership, and takes a seat at the policy table that shapes global finance standards and practices.


Humanity, Inc is the successor company to Maio and Company Inc. © 1997-2016 Humanity, Inc  SoulBrandSM, SoulBrandingSM, Being the BrandSM are service marks of Humanity, Inc 1997-2016.