Humanity, Inc is the successor company to Maio&Co, which emerged in 1994, born from three consulting disciplines:  business strategy, brand strategy and values-led operations.  I created it to meet the need of our Fortune 100 clients for guidance in integrating their 'walk' and their 'talk' -- and later, their evolution into high performing businesses in service of humanity. 

Here's a look at our original website -- a peek at the evolution of our thinking and associated services to help our clients stay ahead of trends.  It starts with our late-1990s wake-up call to the coming 'tsunami of social accountability', to on-going research into human values as the DNA of healthy businesses in the 21st Century.  Coupled with those insights are the practical steps for enlightened leaders to capture the most value from popular 'sustainability' trends in business practice.  All together, you'll get a snapshot of how we got to where we are today through relentless curiosity, discovery and invention of practical frameworks for the times.  Throughout, I hope, is evident the same philosophy of service. You'll also have access to some of our earlier, seminal articles, interviews and speeches.  I welcome your comments!  -- Elsie


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