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A practical toolkit for thriving through capitalism's current evolution into the model of Humanity, Inc -- for the enterprise and for individuals. 


Take Trust In-House: A SoulBrandingSM Workshop to Empower the Trust-Sherpas Already Inside     Your Company

Trust between the public and its institutions is at an all time low. That hurts everybody: Of course, it dampens your business performance, your employee morale, productivity.  But the trust gap can be a predictive tool for innovation and longer term health, too.  If you can read the signs, it will show you the unmet needs that are opportunities for the enlightened leader -- and how to address them.  This one-day workshop is the first step to creating that capacity within your own people.   At the end of the day, the HR, Marketing, IR and Operations execs take away a template to diagnose impending trust gaps and an experiential process for collectively stewarding trust in your company going forward.


The SoulBrandingSM System: on Your Cloud-Based Platform

Since the late 1990s, Humanity, Inc's SoulBrandingSM framework has inspired audiences and guided business leaders to align corporate policy and behaviors with 13 human, or "soulful," values. This accumulated experience translates into a practical toolkit for today's leaders seeking to manage high-performance enterprises that enhance the well being of their people and of society.

The components of this systems-solution approach have always been modular. And now, they're on a software platform ready for you to facilitate in-house. Taken together, the five steps in the SoulBrandingSM process will guide you to map your leadership vision and all your employees' values to stakeholder preferences, and then align your company's behaviors, products and services. It's an intuitive, virtuous circle that you'll be self-managing before our engagement is done.

What's the measure of SoulBranding's success? Your high performance achieved with consistent heart and soul. 

In addition to the holistic transformation that the SoulBrandingSM System facilitates,  these radical times demand radical handtools for quick action, such as the following:


Triage for the Times Workshops

In a hyper-dynamic business climate, quick action can make the difference between red ink and black ink. These 1-day workshops will help your team manage the risks associated with such speedy decisions.

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