Humanity, IncSM

If capitalism is to survive, it will look like Humanity, Inc. And soon!

Why now? Growth for its own sake and shareholder fundamentalism have driven the prevailing economic model into the ground. Like an adolescent driven amok by the thrill of hormonal rush, the adrenaline of instant wealth, greed, consumption has run its course.

As we grow into a maturity that respects consequences and aspires to meaningful fulfilment, society has a chance to inform the engine of commerce with shared purpose.

Let's put that engine to good use.

The compelling reason to adopt this model is that it integrates business' goals of high performance with the social spirit of their people and other stakeholders. It is the lever that translates the impulse toward corporate social responsibility into a win/win for the bottom line, employees, customers, and society at large.  And since I started on this path in the late 1990s, the implosion of destructive business practices has made the Humanity, Inc. model a necessity for capitalism.

It's where SoulBrandingSM has been leading. (SoulBranding developed by Humanity, Inc's predecessor Maio&Co, 1997.) It's the topic of all my speeches, articles, and current book project: Humanity, Inc.: Capitalism In Service of LifeSM.  If you share my passion, and would like to collaborate or share ideas, let me know.

-- Elsie Maio,  2006

Update 2011: Here's one angle on it. Uber-capitalist Gary MacDougal gets measurable results for thousands of people who have a hard time making it in society. Listen to him tell Elsie how he's put business know-how in direct service of his human heart...

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