You'll notice that we use SM, C, TM and provide citations and credits throughout this site.  Some of you have protested, asking how we can be living our human values of collaboration, openness, generosity, among others, and assert the proprietary hold on ideas and services. In part, because we've invested decades of our energy and millions of dollars researching trends, cases and in developing the tools; also because we're selling ideas as service-sector capitalists and work a business model of putting bread on the table by getting paid for our work.  Also, and what I am most passionate about, I want to prevent any dilution of standards or misinterpretation of outcomes by defining what we mean by SoulBrandingSM and other processes.

Especially in marketing communications, evocative names like 'soul' are bastardized by casual use. SoulBrandingSM is not simply a process of identifying a distinctive essence of a company. It is a process of whole-system transformation for a company and its employees into a more humane, conscious organization. They deserve the respect of their profound commitment. I'm open to discussion on this and personally, would really appreciate your views. - Elsie

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