A practical system for thriving through capitalism´s evolution into the model of Humanity, Inc 

Since 1997 when we introduced it to the global marketplace, SoulBrandingSM has stood for authentic integration of corporate 'walk' and 'values talk'. Although it is a cohesive template for strategic management, each of the five stages of the SoulBrandingSM System delivers standalone benefits.  Managers draw on the benefits of one stage or all depending on the need and aspiration of their organization.  The end game is the highly effective, continual renewal of the enterprise and the shared value it delivers to all its stakeholders, including leadership as an authentic brand.

Client circumstances vary, and we are happy to discuss yours personally. But to give you a sense of what to expect, here are some outcomes and unique tools we might use together:

INNOVATE WHILE CAPTURING LOST HEAT OF CSR/SUSTAINABILTY PROGRAMS:  ENGAGING THE WILL AND SKILL TO THRIVE APACE WITH THE PEOPLE YOU SERVE   The authentic business links all goals and operating plans to its core competencies, appetite, and human values. Historically silo-ed good intentions to ameliorate negative impacts of company operations on society and on the ecosystem increasingly are seen as inadequate, self-serving and superficial.

We work with the C-Suite to build from discrete CSR/sustainability programs to create consensus, and KPIs, that further business goals and strengthen stakeholder trust and preference. And we guide functional and businesss unit teams to co-create meaningful, innovative solutions across silos and with stakeholders. See the video on our homepage for examples of such Core Mutual Value as practiced in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, IT Consulting, and finance.

Employees are the company, the product and the brand to most of your stakeholders: They are the most trusted source of information about the company, and especially in a service business, they are the delivery system for value. Their spirited engagement in creating value is key.

Both a reality check on and roadmap for the company's authenticity, this living tool benchmarks how fully your people feel the company is living its desired set of values, and fosters their consensus on the behaviors that signal congruence with those values. As of 2014, the SoulBrandingSM Values Self-Audit is available in a cloud-based software app that encourages frank employee participation anonymously, and from locations across timezones. It's called e-SoulBrandingSM.

Today's enterprise must earn preference in a range of dynamic markets, including the markets for capital, talent, citizenship, customers, innovation, etc. This tool anticipates evolving forces of change, sources of preference, and the open leadership space your enterprise could 'own'. 

Good strategic intentions morph into value delivered at each brand experience point -- or not.  This tool reveals 1. vulnerabilities and innovation opportunities along each stage of each stakeholder's experience of your company,  2. the necessary changes in operations, product mix, HR practice, etc needed for alignment, 3. how to pace brand communications promise with delivery.

Explicit language and a common framework for decisions helps keep Directors and Executives on the same page. This Roadmap of agreed enterprise purpose and implications for investment and development priorities serves double duty as a handy operating guide and cohesive reporting tool for the C-Suite.

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