Rethinking LEGACY 

The Rethinking LEGACY retreat is an immersive one-day experience of living the high performance life with the kind of meaning and purpose worthy of your epitaph.  

Imagine hitting the ‘refresh’ button on a summer’s day in the country with an intimate group of 40 peers in the care of beloved, renowned guides.  This retreat is a day of discovery for a select group of you high achievers who have been there, done that, know it all,  and now humbly seek deeper answers in your own hearts.  

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The first Rethinking LEGACY retreat was Sunday, June 12, 2011, at Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island, New York. They are scheduled on demand. So do let us know when you and/or your organization would like to book a seat in the next one. 


As one of no more than 40 participants, you will have the opportunity to experience and then apply mind/body/spirit balance to your emerging choices regarding personal and business legacy.  To that end, you will:

1. Engage in an intimate setting with one of the world's most beloved, inspiring teachers of heart-centered living.  Radhanath Swami, author of The Journey Home, was born Richard Slavin and raised in a tony Chicago suburb.  He comes to us fresh from his second presentation at the Milken Institute Global Conference, and has recently been a featured guest speaker at Apple, Intel, HSBC, Princeton, Harvard and with other large audiences. Radhanath's incisive simplicity has moved thousands in the global business community to standing ovations (and, by the way, playfully reduced the indomitable pundit Dennis Miller to near silence!) Dennis Miller Radio Show

2. Discuss trends evident in cases of real businesses -- big and small -- that trace superior bottom line performance to their operationalizing fundamental truths and enduring human values.

3. Step inside the personal story of one hands on 'captain of industry' after he rethought his own legacy and purpose decades ago.

Update: New to the program! We are privileged to add to the program a candid interview taped just for retreat participants.  In an informal chat with Elsie, Gary MacDougal speaks to Rethinking LEGACY participants directly of his decision to extend his management and leadership expertise to the social sector and what he's learned are keys to having a material impact on certain social issues.  Today, he is systematically helping to level the playing field for millions of Roma people in Bulgaria through education and job placement. Click on the arrow for a little taste of where this uber-capitalist's driving values direct his business skills...and his legacy:

+ Watch the full interview

Gary is a former McKinsey partner, CEO of Mark Controls, a Fortune 1000 company, has served on the Boards of six NYSE listed companies as well as the Annie E. Casey Foundation, was Chair of the Russell Sage Foundation,  US Representative to the General Assembly of the United Nations, and has held many other senior leadership positions. Gary's book, Make a Difference, was first published in 2000 and went paperback in 2005.  

In this close up and personal journey through this business leader's legacy choices, Gary candidly responds to Elsie's questions about why and how he deliberately carved a path from the Board room to the social sector. Demonstrating our principle that 'legacy starts as an inside job,' Gary generously shares the internal emotional and personal motivations of his legacy choice -- as well as the professional drivers -- for the benefit of other leaders in the retreat who are themselves Rethinking LEGACY.

4. At your leisure, enjoy the opportunity to stroll among the lush gardens.

5. In another session, experience the science and wisdom of connecting to one's internal "flow" as a source of creative guidance and innovation -- no matter which legacy path you may take.

6. Relax on restorative, gentle exercise breaks led by a Master yoga teacher.

7. Enjoy fresh cooked, lovingly prepared meals and snacks.

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On demand.


The Orchard House on the estate grounds of Old Westbury Gardens. Minutes from Manhattan by car or train, convenient to LaGuardia, JFK, the private Republic Airport, and the Garden City Hotel. 


Co-sponsored by Humanity, Inc/SoulBranding Institute and Joshua Greene.  Our guides for the day include contemporary voices of values-led business practice:

  • Yogi Charu, Master yoga teacher to executives, currently affiliated with New York based Pure Yoga
  • Joshua Greene, Emmy-award winning documentarian and author
  • Elsie Maio, founder Humanity, Inc/SoulBranding Institute, guide for applying best business practice to social needs and humanizing high performing organizations
  • Ram Subramanian, TEDx presenter, Bank of America investment banker, Huffington Post blogger. 

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