Our mission is to help capitalism evolve into a force that enhances the well being of all, of all life. Our purpose is to humanize high performing companies and 'performance-ize' social-mission organizations.




Humanity, Inc looks always to innovate greater value for our clients.
We are continual seekers, learners, creators. We thrive on uncovering fresh opportunities, creating new paradigms of value. We view the world holistically. It’s a whole system, after all. Each aspect affects another.

Likewise with companies. And the people in them. And the brands that represent them; they have to ‘walk the talk’ of promotional promises. And so, our models and frameworks for managing brands are holistic, too. They transcend organizational silos. These corporate brands are led by the CEO, who transcends those silos, who sits at the fulcrum of stakeholder interests. We believe solutions are most effective when everybody wins. We believe in human ingenuity and its ability to create win/win solutions for even the most difficult challenges.

We believe The System is changing to enhance the quality of life on earth for everyone. We are happy to be leading in that change with the disciplined management of principled-brands. We call them SoulBrandsSM ; they reflect the higher human values of enlightened, high performance companies.  

-- Elsie Maio, 2002


Our Values


In our client work and with ourselves, we distinguish between the values that drive and motivate us at a deep personal level, and the operational values that flow from those basic motivations. Over the years, we've refined a long list into the three basic drivers of the business.

Motivating Values --  and the Implications for How We Operate

1. Love -- empathy, community, passion

2. Integrity -- candor, excellence, balance

3. Impact -- inspiration, empowerment, leadership.


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