"What's a 21st Century Capitalist To Do?!" 

Get human.

Your sense of humanity will guide you to new opportunities to thrive with society and living systems. And it will inform how you pursue them. 

For instance, Phil Kotler, the economist and 'father of modern marketing' talks about the SoulBrandingSM System for values-led corporate transformation in his 2017 autobiography:

“Will companies embrace brand activism? Elsie Maio, a leading Business Values Guru takes companies through a process of spiritual awakening. We [already] see this happening in a handful of companies around the world,” p. 210

At the local level, cities too are opening to the needs and promise of humanity.

More insights, across sectors, here. And, this video shows how business leaders can avoid the trap of superficial 'activist marketing' and rather create Core Mutual Value as authentic, human partners with society at Unilever, IBM, and Triodos Bank:




 A Little Backstory, and Next Steps 

Feels like Business is being yanked toward a threshold from all sides these days -- the 'Global Digital Demos' is pushing to have its collective interests honored, for the environment and social justice -- while the global financial structure groans with the weight of internal rot. The Great Dictator called it decades ago, brashly.

 Business leaders are grasping for a bridge across that threshold. Individuals are scrambling, too, for an immediate toehold on their livelihood, and some insight into how to thrive in the future. 

The model of Core Mutual Value is an evolution away from the financial fundamentalism that snared leaders in a quarter-to-quarter short-term planning trap. As you gain a footing on the shifting sands of the new economy, consider five guidelines:

 Stabilize life-support systems. Focus on what's needed and wanted by your immediate stakeholders now. Ask them.

Find a new guru: You.  We need to crack open the right side of our techno-addled business brains for radically fresh insights, wisdom and good judgment.

Stop the heat loss. Integrate current CSR/Sustainability and Innovation initiatives into your core business strategy. Find where one can accelerate the other. Merge them toward a model of Core Mutual Value.

Boost the capacity to innovate. Quickly. Flexibly. And stay that way, it's going to be a long, uncertain road for the global economy.

Reorient the organization, and the corporate brand, around values that light up your employees and that support the business strategy. Engagement's got to be real, and spontaneous. 


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